Thrust Bearing – 6 Design Types, Working, and Applications

Bearings!!! All of us know they are the ball-like structures which are an important part of rotary machines. And among all bearings, there is a bearing called Thrust Bearing which is quite a valuable piece of machinery for high-end rotatory parts.
hotwiring a car

How to Hotwire a Car? | 3 Best-Known Cheat to Hotwire a Car

How to Hotwire a Car? You must have seen various techniques for starting a car by some wiring at the car dashboard. But very few of you know, this technique is called hotwiring the car.

Why won’t My Car Start | 11 Basic Reason Along With Solutions

Many times car lovers face a situation where their car refuses to start. However, there are multiple reasons “why won’t my car start". But in this post, we try to find some of the common reasons behind it.