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What is Digitizer

What is Digitizer? Working With Common Examples

A digitizer is a hardware machine that converts an analog signal such as sound, image, signal, light, etc. into a digital format that is widely accepted in machine language.
Alt f4

What is the Use of Alt F4 and Its Related Shortcuts?

This shortcut key available to all the computer users. It is mainly applied to close the currently opened window or even to shut down the computer system. In other words, lie now, you have an open browser window to read this article.
Checkmark alt code

How to Add Checkmark Alt Code- MS Office & MAC

Select the cross (X) and the checkmark ALT code in the polling station's image. The following is a complete overview of the leading digital buffer code in the image between the intersection point of Windows ALT (X) authentication and rating.
Lint Free Cloth

Lint Free Cloth: How to Clean Your TV & Monitor Like a Pro?

Have you ever wonder, why the technician recommends using Lint Free Cloth to clean your TV and monitor screen? In this post, we are going to cover all the details related to lint free cloth.

JPEG – How it Works, Types, Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages

JPEG is a common method of irreversible compression of digital images, especially those created with digital photographs. You can adjust the compression level to balance the size and quality of the storage. This post will discuss what is JPEG, How it works, it’s Features, various types with brief introduction, applications, advantages and disadvantages.
How To Fix Mouse Double Clicks Problems?

How To Fix Mouse Double Clicks Problems? 5 Common Reason & Fixes

Without mouse double clicks, you can’t do the majority of stuff like opening folders or files in a computer system. They are crucial to perform normal work on a system.
CBR file

CBR File – Steps to Convert and Open in Various Devices

CBR is a compressed format of comic file. The idea behind converting Comic book into. It is to maintain the sequence of images. The images are compressed form of JPG, PNG, GIF formats.  Mainly, used for better reading experience.  
what motherboard do I have

What Motherboard do I have? – Step by Step Guide

The motherboard is the main and most important board in the computer system. It has a printed circuit and acts as a foundation for the computer system. The major function of the motherboard is to communicate and provide power to RAM, CPU, and other hardware parts of the computer.
CMOS battery

CMOS Battery- Full Form, Functions, and Replacement

CMOS battery provides power to the motherboard chip for updating real-time clock and retain other BIOS settings and configurations. In this article, we will know about its full form, functions, replacement process, and some other important considerations relating to this technology. So, let’s get started.
Hulu Error Code p-dev320

Hulu Error Code p-dev320: How to Fix It?

If you just paid the Hulu subscription fee of $55 and starts watching your favorite show on Hulu Live TV and encountered Hulu error code p-dev320. It is totally frustrating.