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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts: 5 Essential Types

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts – 5 Essential Types

This statement is also true when you are searching for the windows 10 keyboard shortcuts to do basic to advance work with simple key combinations.
Does My Computer Has Bluetooth or Not? Troubleshooting tips

Does My Computer Has Bluetooth or Not? 3 Basic Tips & Guide

Almost every gadget that you used today has Bluetooth, and if you are searching for the question "Does my computer has Bluetooth" then this post provides you all the related information regarding Bluetooth.

How CSMA/ CD Works Best and Its Procedure

CSMA/ CD protocol defines the path and transmission channel. It also restrains the encounter of data- collision. Let's discuss its process and working standards for better connectivity and collision.

Best Solutions if Your Touchpad Not Working – Windows/ MAC

The touchpad is the most significant hardware for us as computer users. But if your touchpad not working properly, then this can trouble and cost you much.
forward slash

What is a Forward Slash? – Its Location and Best Uses

The forward slash is used in various fields/ industries or languages. Everyone is known with this high functionality symbol. In article we will discuss all its uses like in math, general communication, coding etc. So, let’s get started.
CMOS battery

CMOS Battery- Full Form, Functions, and Replacement

CMOS battery provides power to the motherboard chip for updating real-time clock and retain other BIOS settings and configurations. In this article, we will know about its full form, functions, replacement process, and some other important considerations relating to this technology. So, let’s get started.
what motherboard do I have

What Motherboard do I have? – Step by Step Guide

The motherboard is the main and most important board in the computer system. It has a printed circuit and acts as a foundation for the computer system. The major function of the motherboard is to communicate and provide power to RAM, CPU, and other hardware parts of the computer.
Alt f4

What is the Use of Alt F4 and Its Related Shortcuts?

This shortcut key available to all the computer users. It is mainly applied to close the currently opened window or even to shut down the computer system. In other words, lie now, you have an open browser window to read this article.
Checkmark alt code

How to Add Checkmark Alt Code- MS Office & MAC

Select the cross (X) and the checkmark ALT code in the polling station's image. The following is a complete overview of the leading digital buffer code in the image between the intersection point of Windows ALT (X) authentication and rating.
full form of computer

Full Form of Computer | Its Generations | Parts and Types

Full-Form of the computer is very simple but it has very deep meaning. In this article, we will study its hardware and software parts. How these parts impact the functioning and role of generations of computer.