So You Want to Know Who We Are, Right?

This Blog called is one of the first blogs that I worked on. It nearly started in 2020 and from that day, We publish regular content on this web.

The first few months are quite hard for me as I am in the learning phase. Though I am good at coding still WordPress was new to me. So, the journey of making this blog is quite amazing and tuning.

I love to write, especially when it is a tech niche. You can call me a nerd (I really don’t mind). Till the year 2021, I am running additional 3 websites, which makes a total of four, just like the “Four dice

So, If you ask me what is the aim of making this blog, I probably say, “Aim to deliver the best”.

Here, we make efforts to bring all the useful information in one place. We regularly publish articles on categories such as:

  1. General Science
  2. Automobile
  3. Computer Tips
  4. IT and Communication
  5. Electricity and Electronics
  6. Construction Tips

If you click any of the above categories, you will find articles that are not only easy to scan (due to the mobile-friendly design), but also easy to read. The English used in this blog is US English, so it gives a readable format to the vast population of the world.

Writers at

Now, it’s time to meet me and our partners,

  • Me: Sandey Deg
  • Chief Editor/Author: Amarjeet Bhagat
  • Author: Hemangi Choudhary

So, this all makes us three: I, the chief editor along with the writer that works on this blog. This doesn’t mean there is no other writer that works on this blog. There are a lot. And I am thankful for their contribution. But they don’t work in long term with me.

I think that is enough about Me. Let’s Have a talk with other partners too.

Amarjeet Bhagat

Hellllllooo. That’s too much. Hi, simple. Hi, I am Amar. And It was my second (or third, if you considered one of my failed ones) tech blog that I am working with Mr. Deg. I had written and edited a couple of hundreds of posts last year, not on this blog but combined. That’s why I love technology and science-related articles. I will keep posting the same.

Hemangi Choudhary

Hi there. I have nothing more to say about I just want to say that it is an inspirational journey to work as a writer here. I only had one goal with this website to deliver real-life information in a more demonstrative and practical way so you can easily understand it.

Now, you meet all three of us. But if you still want to know more about Me, or my website, or any technology-related stuff, I am here for you. You can mail me anytime.

And surprisingly, I read each and every mail. So, mail me at

Thank you to reading all this. It means a lot to me.

Stay healthy. Stay Fit