Why Is My BMW App Not Working? With Simple Solution

Why Is My BMW App Not Working With Simple Solution

BMW app adds an extra creamy layer over their service. You can use the app to control various functions of your car, such as starting the engine, unlocking it, and tracking its location.

You can even check the fuel level, tire pressure, and temperature inside the car. However, for many of the users, the BMW app is not working. So, we’re going to discuss some tips that get you going in solving this problem.

What does BMW App Error Look Like?

Many users reported problems while controlling the car. Some of the major ones are listed as:

  • The error message often pops up and interrupts the users to use the app. (Most common)
  • App crashes or freezes frequently.
  • Synchronizing error. Can’t state the real-time data.

While BMW has been working to fix these issues, they have not yet been completely resolved. However, you can use some quick fixes that make the apps workable temporarily.

8 Problems Why BMW App Not Working on Android and iPhone

8 Problems Why BMW App Not Working in Android and iPhone

Following are the 8 main problems why BMW App is not working. These are:

  1. Difficulties in logging
  2. Issues in installing the application

Problem 1: Difficulties in logging

Problem 1 Difficulties in logging

It is one of the most common issues faced by the users regarding the ‘BMW application’. Problems in login can primarily arise due to:

  • Poor mobile data
  • Entering the wrong login credentials
  • Use third-party social networks to login into your BMW account.


  • Users should pay extra care while filling up details. Users should wait for a few minutes before logging in again.
  • In cases of third-party social media login issues, you can try to close the app and try login in again.

Problem 2: Failure in Vehicle Fuel Update

Problem 2 Failure in Vehicle Fuel Update

Some complaints mentioned that the updates were either improper or absent after a couple of days of installation. This issue proved to be pretty inconvenient.

Solution: No official solutions were ever provided by the helpline staff. However, you can try to

  • Delete and reinstall the BMW app (first, use the app saving app to save the app because the app is not available on app stores).
  • Try to use a different device.
  • Check whether or not your data connection is fine or helpful.
  • Try to clear the cache and re-login to the BMW app.

Problem 3: Failure to Update Location

Problem 3 Failure to Update Location

Some users reported that after only a day or two, they were no longer able to identify the current location of their car on the app. The main cause of this problem is thought to be a bad network connection.

Solution: For most of users, contacting the help desk is not as useful. You can try the following methods:

  • Try logging in and out several times because there may be an issue due to a server outage.
  • If this does not work, reinstalling the application or installing the BMW app on a different device may resolve the issue.
  • Try to switch on and off the car’s Bluetooth.

Problem 4: Fail to Send Destination Location to Car

Problem 4 Fail to Send Destination Location to Car

Users also reported that they aren’t able to send the destination location to the card. However, this problem is only seen in BMW users who are using the older version.


  • Updating the application will be helpful (not possible now, because of unavailability, try to download it from a 3rd party website, but it is also unsafe).
  • If it doesn’t work, try deleting and reinstalling the app.
  • Trying the application on a different device
  • Try to switch to a better internet provider.

Problem 5: Inaccurate Values of Mileage and Tire pressure

Problem 5 Inaccurate Values of Mileage and Tire pressure

Incorrect real-time updates on mileage and tire pressure are common among BMW app users. This issue is commonly seen in long-distance trips.

Solution: BMW app providers provide no official solutions, but the following tips seem useful to some users.

  • Log out, then log in, and reconnect to your BMW car.
  • Clearing the cache can also be helpful.
  • If that doesn’t work, try updating your location.

Problem 6: Unable to Send Instruction to Car

Problem 6 Unable to Send Instruction to Car

BMW application can not send proper commands to the car. One of the complaints stated that a user attempted to lock the car door using the app but it doesn’t work. This problem is caused by many possible reasons, including bugs in the BMW app.

Solution: There isn’t much you can do to solve this problem, but you can try the following issues.

  • Try a different device to access the application. 
  • Try to re-install the app (first use the app saving app to save the app because the app is not available on app stores).
  • Resync and reconnecting to the car computer can be helpful.

Problem 7: BMW App Not Updating Charging Status

Problem 7 BMW App Not Updating Charging Status

A couple of times, the BMW app displayed the incorrect charging status of the car, which can be annoying on road trips.


  • Reconnect the app with the car and also try to reactivate Bluetooth.
  • Clear the cache.
  • Try logout and login again.
  • Deleting and reinstalling the app.

Problem 8: 404 Error Code in BMW App

Problem 8 404 Error Code in BMW App

Many users experience a sudden error code when attempting to log in after a long time. For example, screens with 404: Error Code appear in areas with poor internet access.


  • Connect to a higher bandwidth internet provider that supports at least 4G networks.
  • Clear up the caches
  • Update app (required third-party app download).
  • Delete and reinstall the application.

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