What is the Use of Alt F4 and Its Related Shortcuts?

Alt f4

Alt f4 is the shortcut key to close down the current tab or shut down the whole computer system. In this article, we will discuss about alt + F4 is used for which type of command, it’s different alternatives, functions in different windows, and how to disable this feature from the keyboard.

This shortcut key available to all the computer users. It is mainly applied to close the currently opened window or even to shut down the computer system. In other words, lie now, you have an open browser window to read this article. So, if you press alt f4 this will close down. Don’t try this practice before reading this article completely.

In some cases, when you just want to close the single tab but not the whole program. Then, also you can use this shortcut key.

What is Alt F4? (What is Alt + F4)

There’s a quick way to shut off a programme on your computer by pressing Alt + F4. While Ctrl + F4 dismisses your current tab or window, Alt + F4 is a somewhat different command. Press Alt and F4 at the same time to activate this command.

Alt + F4 shortcut key is used for the current programme you’re now running on your computer. Instead of closing the current tab or window, using Alt + F4 instead of Ctrl + F4 does the same thing. You may use this command by simultaneously pressing the Alt key and the F4 key.

How to Use Alt F4?

The computer shortcuts are always simple and easy to use. So, just use your keyboard. Press the Alt button and now press f4 simultaneously. The functions of pressing these two keys together will close down your window, tab, or shut down the whole computer system. You can apply these for the case you desire.

How to use alt f4?

Alt f4= Press Alt key on keyboard + F4 in function keys

How to Disable

To disable this shortcut key function or to remove this functionality from your keyboard, you need to follow some simple steps. So, those are as follows:

  • Go to settings.
  • Then, Open keyboard settings.
  • Click on Configuration.
  • Now, go on hotkey mode, it will show ‘enabled.’
  • So, now click on ‘disable’ and it will not act as shortcut from now.

Alternatives of Alt F4 Command

 Alt F4 Alternatives

The best alt F4 alternative to this shortcut key is to go on the control panel. Use the shortcut key


The task manager will open. Now, select the task or program, you wish to close. Press the end task button and the tab or application is not working now.

Functions of Alt F4 Key

Alt F4 Function key is a function key, mainly used in combination with other keyboard keys to perform the specifically assigned task or functionality.

You can also use the alt key to create a special character. Alt + number key can create accented letters. These are mainly alt codes.

Alt can also give the alternate text to the image. To optimize the image for greater SEO, the user has to give an alternate name to the image in HTML. It is known as an attribute.

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Alt+ F4 in Microsoft Windows

The function of Alt f4 in windows has been designed to close down. If you press alt key and f4 simultaneously, it will close the currently open file, program, etc. Whereas, if no file or program is active. It will shut down the computer system. This alt F4 shortcut key is very popular and used widely.

Alt F4 in Microsoft Windows

Being a computer user, you can understand it well. On one hand, you need to find the shutdown button on the computer system, and on the other, it is as easy as ABC by simply pressing alt and f4. This function goes crazy at the time of windows 10 update. People were facing problem in locating shut down button on the system. So, the simple thing was to use this shortcut.

Alt F4 in MAC

The closing shortcut key in mac is not the same in Mac as it is in windows. The alternative to alt+ f4 in mac is Command- W. This W command will only close down the current tab or window. If you want to close down the whole application, then give a command- Q.

Related Shortcuts

This function uses Alt and f4 keys on the keyword. So, we should also discuss some other functions or shortcuts related to these keys. Alone pressing alt key will highlight the file menu of the program.

Related Shortcuts

All is more of a combination key rather than having its function. Alt key with combination will open a page for the shortcut known with the associated key function. The most commonly used shortcut combination keys are:

Ctrl+ Alt+ Del

This shortcut key opens the task manager. So, you can also lock the running program by opening the task manager with this shortcut key. Some other important shortcut keys with Alt are as follows:

  • Alt+ A: To open the data tab in MS- Excel program.
  • Alt+ B: To open the bookmarks in Firefox.
  • Alt+ C: To open favorites in Internet Explorer.
  • Alt+ Enter: To add a new line in Excel spreadsheet cell.
  • Alt+ Home: To open the home page in the active tab.

F4 key also has many functions associated with other keys on the keyboard. Like


Though, it is used to close the current tab only in the browser. Along with the browser, it can also close the active spreadsheet in the excel program, etc.

General FAQ

Is using alt f4 bad for my computer?

Alt f4 is a very easy going shortcut key and widely in use. But, sometimes the simple things don’t give simple results. It can hang, refuse to end, or even crash your file. So, in this case, you need to disable the functionality of this shortcut from the control panel.

What happens if you press Alt F4

When you press Alt + F4, your computer’s current programme is closed altogether.

How alt f4 works in windows 10?

The function of this shortcut key in windows is to close the program or currently active tab or task. Simply press alt+ f4, your task will end. You can also use this shortcut key to shut down your computer having windows 10.

How alt f4 is different from ctrl f4?

Alt + F4 key is used to close down. But the only and major difference between these two is ctrl f4 closes the currently active tab or program. Whereas, alt f4 will close down the whole application or even can shut down the computer system.