ROFL- Its Full Form, Variations, and Pronunciation


Rofl is used to show the hilarious expression and gesture on social media hashtags. Because of the wider popularity and use of social media platforms, the use of slangs and these kinds of hashtags are gaining much importance.

In this article, we will know about its detailed full form, some variations, uses, and some other related slangs or short terms to express feelings, gestures.

To express laughs or the hard humorous thing, you can use hashtag or slang as “Rofl”. As this is the abbreviation of “Rolling on the floor laughing.” In other words, to express gestures and expressions, the most effective way is to use these slangs.


The wide use of social media has witnessed us in different ways and styles to be in society and deal with friends and family in very interesting ways. To make the social media experience so satisfying, some are creating polls and others are making new challenges for better social interactions. But the most effective spice adds up on these entire social platform tactics is hashtags and slangs. The additional fun is created when some friends do not understand these slangs.

Some thinkers are even against these “Rofl” slangs or language because it can become the reason to bully any child or person. So, to make life simple, everyone must use all these tactics with high responsibility not to harm anyone.

When was Rofl First used?

The use of this slang to show rolling on the floor laughing has its existence from many years ago. It was firstly came out in 1989 in a post caption on Usenet.

What is the Pronunciation of Rofl?

ROFL means to roll on the floor laughing. So, you can use this slang directly in the form of a hashtag or simple word. In other ways, you can add some more words to it. Like I’m on a Rofl or Ouch! That was Rofl.

Variations of ROFL


Let’s know about some extended variations of Rofl as follows:

ROFLOL: The full form of ROFLOL is rolling on floor laughing out loud.

ROTFLOL: The full form of ROTFLOL is rolling on the floor laughing out loud.

ROFLAPMP: The full form of ROFLAPMP is rolling on the floor laughing and peeing in my pants. It’s hilarious, ha-ha.

ROFLMAO: The full form of ROFLMAO is rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

ROFLMAOWTIME: The full form of this great variation is rolling on the floor laughing my ass off with tears in my eyes. Ha-ha, all the scenarios explained.

Moreover, this list of variations to Rofl does not limit this. People are adding more gestures, scenarios, and expressions in this. Isn’t it difficult to remember and understand all these full forms?

Don’t know how people have such a great memory remembering all the popular slangs. The great adventure for us is when someone has a Ph.D. on these slangs. Although, they just have bombarded a list of slangs in their minds and chats. Have you experienced this ever?

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Some Other Short Terms Like “Rofl”

What do you mean by BRB?

The politest and righteous meaning of BRB abbreviation is “Be Right back”. It is mainly used while parting farewell to someone or dropping somewhere for their journey.

What does BTF stand for?

The full form of BTF is “Before the Fire”.

What does OK Boomer mean?

OK Boomer mean

The dictionary meaning of boomer is something large or noticeable. So based on this meaning, the popular slang Ok Boomer is to call out or ignore close-minded views or opinions by the baby boomer generation.

What does LMAO mean in respect of Rofl?

LMAO means “Laughing my ass off”. It is also used in the variation of Rofl to add up more spice and meaning to laughing expression and gestures. But sometimes, it occasionally spells insulting depending upon the conversation and situation.

What is the Full Form of LOL?

The full form of very interestingly used abbreviation LOL is “Laughing Out Loud”.


When LOL was first used?

The simple variation of “Rofl” and the most commonly used slang LOL- “laughing out loud” was first used in the mid-80s in Calgary Alberta city of Canada.

What does BAE mean?

You can use this slang for your best friend or someone special because its full form is “Before anyone else”. It is the shorter form of “Baby” or “Babe”. It simply means to call someone sweetie, cute, and favorite. In other words, you can pronounce BAE as “He/she is my BAE”; “Let’s go to the party/trip BAE”.

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What is the Difference between BAE and BOO?

There is no specific difference between these two terms, “BAE” and “BOO”. Though, these can be alternatively used to show sweet gestures to your friends or lovers.

General FAQs

What do you mean by FTW?

FTW has many meanings in the world. The main and commonly used meaning is “For the Win”. If you wonder, where can you use this abbreviation? So, to explain it, let’s suppose you are preparing for a certain exam then you can say “Hustling FTW”. It will show your viewers or followers that you are hustling for the Win.

What is BTF?

BTF slang has many full forms. Mainly used as Before the Fire, Below the Fold, Better than Fiction, Bet The Farm, Bless The Fall, etc. It motivates the person as Rofl initiates the laughs.

What is OML?

The full form of OML is “Oh My Lord”. The acronym is mainly used as a hashtag on social media platforms. Previously, the famous hashtag for expressing shock, surprise, or pleasure was ‘OMG’ but after Linkin Park song, “One More Light”. The OML hashtag came in existence and have variation as “Oh My Lord”.