Are Hydrogen Cars Better than Electric Cars? Why Should You Buy a Hydrogen Car?

Advantages of Buying a Hydrogen Car over electric

Hydrogen cars are a better alternative to electric and petroleum cars because electricity and petroleum products are much more expensive and limited than liquified hydrogen. Plus, when hydrogen fuel reacts with oxygen, it produces a clean source of chemical-electrical energy. This is the reason why Hydrogen cars are also known as Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs).

There are more advantages of buying a Hydrogen car than an electric one. Let’s unwrap them one by one.

Reason 1: Hydrogen is a Renewable Fuel 

It is one of the biggest advantages of using hydrogen cars. Other cars, whether operated on petrol, diesel, or electric, but hydrogen cars operate on liquified hydrogen.

Excluding electricity, petrol and diesel are non-renewable substances, and they are more likely to get exhausted in the future. But, this limitation is not implemented in hydrogen cars because hydrogen is a renewable resource in nature. So, these cars can be used for hundreds of years. 

Reason 2: Better Mileage

hydrogen fuel cars gives better mileage

The range of hydrogen cars is comparably higher than the electric cars and diesel cars. They can cover much longer distances in comparison to other cars.

For example, hydrogen cars like Renault’s Kangoo ZE and Master Z.E. contain a much higher range, between 350 kilometers to 400 kilometers. 

Reason 3: Less Fueling Time 

The average time needed to fill the hydrogen tanks in hydrogen cars is 5 to 10 minutes. However, the number of refueling stations is very less fit these cars, as they are newly introduced in the market.

Specifically, if the refueling rate of electric cars is compared with hydrogen cars, then an average electric car takes 6 to 10 hours to get fully charged, but hydrogen cars only take 5 to 20 minutes. That’s why these cars are much better and preferable compared to other electric cars. 

Reason 4: Save Waiting Time 

Saving time is another reason which demonstrates that these cars are much better than electric cars. Electric cars take hours to charge, and hydrogen cars only take some minutes.

Along with this, due to the high range, these cars’ average speed is much higher compared to electric cars and diesel cars. So, these cars are time-saving in terms of both output-giving and refueling. 

Reason 5: Environment Friendly 

Environment Friendly hydrogen cars

It is one of the most prominent things about hydrogen cars. These cars operate on hydrogen, which is extracted from nature.

However, in the overall functioning of these cars, the hydrogen reacts with oxygen for releasing chemical energy and water vapor. Chemical energy gets absorbed by the car itself for operating the engine, while water vapor goes into the atmosphere.

These cars release water vapor in the form of waste products, while diesel cars release harmful gases into the atmosphere. So, hydrogen cars do not harm the environment.

Reason 6: Less Expensive 

The liquified hydrogen obtains from the method of natural gas reforming. However, our atmosphere also contains hydrogen in abundance. Due to this, they are very cheap and available in large quantities.

On the other hand, petrol and diesel are limited in nature. They’ll get exhausted one day. However, according to the research, these fuels will disappear totally by 2050 or 2070.

Due to this, these fuels are very expensive and are not affordable to mediocre people. Along with this, the expenses for generating electricity are much higher than the expenses of preparing liquified hydrogen. So, that’s why hydrogen cars are less expensive and affordable. 

Reason 7: Highly Sustainable 

Hydrogen cars are highly sustainable in comparison to other cars. Sustainability means preferring those techniques and methods that would not compromise future generations’ needs.

Diesel and petrol cars operate on diesel and petrol, which are limited in nature. However, the day is not too far when such fuels disappear. May our future generations will be unable to use petrol and diesel.

Although, electricity used to charge the electric cars is generated by boiling the water using coals to produce water vapor. And these water vapors then operate the electrochemical generators. Although, coal is also present in limited amounts in nature. So, hydrogen cars are more sustainable in comparison to electric cars. 

Reason 8: Highly Efficient 

The efficiency of hydrogen cars is very high in comparison to other cars. Hydrogen cars are best in terms of efficiency, as most of the hydrogen is completely used by engines with the emission of water vapors.

The companies used premium quality materials used for manufacturing these cars. However, hydrogen cars’ overall performance is much better compared to electric cars and diesel cars.

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