8 Reasons Why is My Sat Nav Not Charging? All Solution To GPS Problems

8 Reasons Why is My Sat Nav Not Charging

Sat Nav (GPS) is a buddy when you know where to go but don’t know how you will going to reach it. And when sat nav fails, it leads to a blunder. The major cause of Sat Nav failure is due to charging issue. And here are the following reasons why your Sat Nav is not charging.

Reason 1: Outdated Software

If you notice that your Sat Nav is not charging properly for a couple of days, you should make sure that its software is up to date. If not so, then make sure to search and download the updated version.

First, connect the device to the computer and then install it and after restarting the Sat Nav, try recharging the device again. Most probably the charging issue will be solved completely when it is due to software bug that was corrected in update.. 

Reason 2: Sat Nav Needs a New Battery

The need for a new battery might not be something that comes straight to someone’s mind. But one must always keep a track of the working and charging conditions of the battery used in their Nav Sat.

If something seems weird about the battery then make sure to replace it with a new one. However, one must always buy it from a trusted seller.

Reason 3: Didn’t Charge GPS For First Time

Didn't Charge sat nav GPS For First Time

Most of the users who are new to the device often forget to charge (6 hours) the device out of curiosity to use the device as soon as possible.

If that is the case, then a few simple steps will be enough to solve the issue. Try resetting the device by going into the settings part of the device.

After that try charging the device for the next few hours without any break in between. Now switch on the Nat Sav.

Reason 4: Damaged USB Sat Nav Cable

Faults in the USB cables being used are one of the most common reasons that cause issues with charging the sat nav.

Try using different USB cables with the sat nav, if issues don’t occur then you can be sure that the problem is associated with a particular USB Cable. It is better to replace a faulty USB cable with a brand new one.

Reason 5: Faulty Optional Power Adaptor

While charging the sat nav, if you connected the device with a faulty optional power adaptor accessory like a wall power adaptor then make sure there are zero issues regarding the adaptor, if there are faults then make sure to replace the adaptor with a new one. Issues with power adaptors are small issues but often get unnoticed.

Reason 6: Slow Charging When Connected to Computer

Slow charging over a long span of time can make one think that the device is not getting charged.

This is not a major fault that can be solved, however, it is a fact that if you connected your nav sat to a computer using a USB cable then the device will get charged slowly. Whereas some laptops might not even charge the sat nav at all.

Reason 7: New Charger is Needed

New Charger is Needed

We have already discussed the problem regarding the charge retaining capacity of batteries however now we should discuss the charging capacity of the charger that is being used to charge your Nat sav device.

It is quite a common incident when the charging unit like the home charger or even the car charger is not functioning properly. If that is the case, then replacing it with a new one is the best option.

Reason 8: Faulty USB Port

In one of the previous reasons, we discussed the problems regarding using faulty USB chargers, however, it might not always be the fault of the USB cable.

Sometimes the USB port of the sat nav might be damaged due to wear and tear over the years. If that is the case, then the damaged USB port might not be able to hold on to the USB cable, and hence it will be impossible to charge the sat nav.

If you are certain about the reason, then make sure to put it in the servicing center or else replace the device.

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