Do Hydrogen Cars Have a Future? 8 Reasons in Support

Do Hydrogen Cars Have a Future 8 Reasons in Support

Hydrogen is one of the cleanest fuels available in nature why raises the question can Hydrogen be used to fuel cars? Or do they Have any Future in Car Industry?

Hydrogen cars have a future, but not so close. These cars offer a zero-emissions system. However, most hydrogen cars engines are still in the testing phase. The main problem for researchers is maintaining the efficiency of hydrogen-powered fuel cells. That’s the reason why they will not arrive soon for commercial use. But in a few years, they will have a better future.

Following are some of the other reasons why Hydrogen cars will be available soon.

Reason 1: Easy Re-Fueling Hydrogen Car

One of the most popular beliefs is that refilling a hydrogen-run vehicle is not an easy job. It nearly takes about a couple of minutes to refill a hydrogen car and is as simple as refilling a petrol or diesel-run car.

This aspect of hydrogen cars is far better than an electric vehicle which takes a long time to fully charge itself.

In the modern world where time matters a lot, this time-saving aspect of hydrogen cars ensures a better future for these cars.

Reason 2: Hydrogen is a Clean Fuel

Hydrogen-driven vehicles ensure to cause minimum pollution which is a game-changing step that can allow these cars to have a better market value in the future.

No matter how much more efficient an EV is compared to a hydrogen car but the lithium-ion battery production for electric cars is energy-intensive.

Air pollution is a sensitive matter in the present time and the situation can be improved with the help of hydrogen cars.

Reason 3: Hydrogen Production Site

Hydrogen Production Site can anywhere

The market value of a car is determined by several factors, and one of the factors is convenience in refilling.

One of the benefits of hydrogen cars is that hydrogen fuel can be completely produced at the site i.e. at any refueling site. This is lacking in petroleum-based cars. Their fuels are being transported over long distances in big tankers to the refuel center. Hence, a better future is assured.

Reason 4: Hydrogen cars Showcase Better Efficiency

Depending upon models’ hydrogen-based cars can provide longer distances compared to electric vehicles. A hydrogen car with fully packed energy storage will outshine an electric car in terms of mileage.

A completely charged EV will give anywhere between 150 to 200 miles of distance whereas, on the other hand, a hydrogen car will give up to 300 miles of distance. Buyers will never compromise efficiency over anything else. Hence, these cars do have a future.

Reason 5: Increases “Hydrogen Economy”

It is a well-known fact that hydrogen is present in a vast amount in nature however the production and storage process might seem a bit costly.

Over coming years, the production and selling of hydrogen cars will contribute a huge portion to the hydrogen economy worldwide. A greater return through the hydrogen economy can inspire the government to invest in hydrogen fuel cars.

Reason 6: Decrease Stress on Renewable Resources

hydrogen car decrease Stress on Renewable Resources

Fossil fuels are currently facing a worldwide crisis, hence in a situation like this modern-day, automobile technology is searching for an alternative that can replace fossil fuels perfectly.

Although hydrogen is renewable energy, it is vastly present in nature and hence can be used sustainably in the coming years. A better future for hydrogen cars will also ensure an improved condition for renewable resources.

Reason 7: Energy Density of Hydrogen Cars is Better than Other Vehicles

It is a scientific fact that every kilogram of lithium-ion can store up to 250 watts of energy compared to each kilogram of hydrogen which possesses around 33,200 watts of energy.

It is quite evident from the given data that in terms of energy density hydrogen fuel is about 100 times better than that of conventional fuel and battery-run vehicles.

This high gradient of energy efficiency is sure to be one of the major reasons for the forthcoming future of hydrogen fuel cars which will be equally high.

Reason 8: Hydrogen Vehicle Models Will be Cheaper

Hydrogen-run vehicles are comparatively the same price as electric vehicles which have a complex design for maintaining a charge. But Hydrogen fuel cars’ price will decrease as their demands increases in the future.

Also charging up an electric vehicle is a much more complex process compared to the refilling process for a hydrogen-fuel vehicle.

Cheaper prices coupled with several technological and environmental advancements are pointing toward a bright future for hydrogen cars.

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