7 Reasons Why is Whoop Not Charging With Solutions

7 Reasons Why is Whoop Not Charging With Solutions

This post will guide you on how you can solve the problem of Whoop not charging along with reasons and solutions.

1. Charging Cable is not Properly Plugged

The most common reason why Whoop doesn’t charges is due to the charging cable. If the cable is not properly plugged into the device, you won’t see any changes in the Whoop battery pack.

You may have plugged the cable very lightly, or there might be a problem with the cable itself. Another reason could be the source from where you’re charging the battery.

Solution: To fix this, make sure sure you’ve plugged the connector properly into the port, and the cable is connecting both the ends.

If this doesn’t help, you should try a different cable and see if the problem still persists. If the problem is with cable it will definitely work, but if don’t move to the next fix.

2. Problem with the Battery Connection

Another reason could be the battery connection. There are times when we see certain issues in the charging port. It doesn’t let the battery connection work properly. Most of the time this problem occurs when there is some dirt or lint inside the port.

When dirt or lint accumulates in the charging port, it obstructs the battery connection. As you insert the cable in the Whoop battery pack, the dust limits a good electrical connection to pass through. This makes it very difficult to direct the power in the battery pack.

Solution: Check whether your Whoop battery pack is having this issue. If that’s the case, then get a toothpick and wrap a small amount of cotton around it. Now carefully clean the ports of your battery. Make sure to not use even a little amount of water, as it can cause short-circuit the battery. Now see if it works or not.

3. Problem with the Charging Outlet or Adapter

The problem with your whoop not charging may not be the cable or battery connection, but the power outlet your charger is connected to. To check if the problem is really from the outlet. Try to connect your charger to different charging sockets.

If you’re charging through an extension cable, try it with the sockets from the wall. Or if you’re charging with a port from your computer try changing to different. If the problem really occurs from the power outlet, it will definitely get fixed.

Also, there could be a case that the charging adapter you’re using is not working. If that’s the case, it will also not let the Whoop battery charge.

Solution: To check this you should use the adapter on different devices, if it’s not working perfectly there as well then the problem is surely due to the adapter. If nothing of this works move to the next step.

4. Water Damage in the Battery pack

The Whoop strap definitely has the waterproof feature. But don’t confuse it with the battery pack. When you use the strap in a witty situation it may not show any effect. But in the case of the battery pack, it will surely get damaged.

Make sure to avoid using the battery pack anywhere near water, especially if you’re bathing or doing any water sports activity. This will help you to sustain the batteries for the long run.

If somehow the water has entered your batteries. You can let them dry or use air blowers to soak all the water present there. And wait for it to start responding. If this ain’t work, you have to replace the battery pack or buy a new one.

5. Get the Latest Firmware Update

Software Updates are one of the very common reasons that frequently interrupt the fitness tracker. They can also be one of the reasons behind the charging problem in Whoop. Most of the time if the issue is from the updates, then the strap won’t charge.

In this case, the battery pack works perfectly fine. So, if your strap is not showing any light and there is no status of charging in the app. You should definitely look for any updates that you might be missing.

To check for any firmware updates, open the Whoop app, and then open the Device Settings.

From the Device Settings, tap on the Advanced tab. Find and tap on the Firmware Check button. If any firmware update is available you will see an Update Now button.

Once you update the firmware, check again if the issue is resolved or still there.

6. Damaged Battery

If you have fixed all the issues, and nothing is working. Then most probably there is some problem in the battery itself. To check whether the issue is in the battery or not, plug the charger in and see if you can see any light.

If there is no light, it guarantees that the battery pack is dead now. If you see a red light but there aren’t any changes for a long time. This also indicates that there are some issues with the battery.

Solution: If your battery has been damaged, the only option left is to replace it with a new one through the Whoop website. You can contact customer support and they will guide you with the process.

7. Issues with the Whoop Strap

The Whoop strap needs the battery pack to get the constant power for running. If your battery pack is not having any issues and it is charging well. The real problem could be in the Whoop strap.

When you attach the battery pack to the strap, you will see the sensor getting turned on as you tap on the strap. You can also check the battery status from the Whoop app. But if the sensors aren’t working and there isn’t any information on the app as well.

This means your Strap is having the issues. The only way to get around this is by contacting Whoop support and asking for a replacement of the strap.

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