How To Activate AMC Com on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TVs?

How To Active AMC on Roku and TVs

Before fast-forwarding to the mentioned topic, how about a bit of a brief introduction? Let’s scroll and see what awaits.

AMC is an American multinational basic cable television channel that is the flagship property of AMC Networks. AMC has add-on subscriptions including:

  • AMC Premiere:  a quick glance at this title will make it clear that it is an add-on subscription and only available to those who are already subscribed to AMC. For example, this add-on subscription allows one to watch several “locked” programs on the AMC website, like all the 10 seasons of the global sensation “The Walking Dead.”
  • AMC+:  now this is a premium, commercial-free streaming bundle that includes the same benefits of AMC premium. It provides early access to several additional AMC series. This premium feature even gives the users access to additional library content from sister networks like BBC America, IFC, and SundanceTV. 

Finally, we are all done with the introduction part, now let’s get down to business. In the next couple of sections, we will be talking about all relevant technical factors relating to AMC.

Many of you might have different streaming devices at your home and might be wondering how to set up or activate your AMC account on your respective devices. If you are among such folks then we can help you.

Firstly, here is a list of all such TV suppliers who support AMC Station(for a quick reference): 

  • DirecTV Today
  • Optimum TV
  • Xfinity
  • Cox
  • Dish
  • Spectrum
  • Fios

How to Login With My Device on AMC?

Moving on further we will answer a common question “How Can I log in with My Device?” and several other follow-up questions.

  1. Firstly, make sure to download the program from the device’s app shop.
  2. On the program, get the activation code and then proceed to onto a pc or mobile device.
  3. Enter the code and then log in with your TV supplier.
  4. Now enjoy seeing full episodes and movie extras on your preferred device.

How to Activate AMC Theatres on your ROKU device?
  1. Go to Roku Channel Store on your Roku device.
  2. Search for AMC Theatres on Demand and click Add Channel.
  3. Launch the AMC Theatres.
  4. Note down the activation code.
  5. Login into
  6. Enter the activation code.
  7. Follow the prompts to complete the rest of the registration process.

How to Activate on ROKU using AMC Activate?

  1. Switch on your Roku Device.
  2. Sign into your Roku device with your ID and password.
  3. Browse to the home page.
  4. Search and locate ‘AMC station‘ and choose on Add button.
  5. Open the AMC channel on your Roku device.
  6. Note down the activation code after registering into the Roku device.
  7. Use another smartphone or PC browser to log into and input the code.
  8. At last sign in to the TV supplier to begin streaming on the AMC channel.

How to Activate AMC Theatres on your LG TV?

  1. Go for the LG app store on your LG TV.
  2. select “Apps & Games” and look for the “AMC Theatres OnDemand” app.
  3. select “Install” and click OK.
  4. Launch the app on LG TV.
  5. Note down the activation code.
  6. Log into using a PC or mobile browser.
  7. Enter the code and complete the sign-in options.

How to Activate AMC Theatres on your Samsung TV?

  1. Click on the “Smart Hub” button on your Samsung remote.
  2. Select “Add apps” to search for the AMC Theatres “OnDemand” app.
  3. Click on ‘Download” to install.
  4. After downloading, open the file.
  5. Write down the activation code.
  6. Visit using a PC or mobile browser.
  7. Enter the code and choose your TV provider.

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How to Activate AMC Theatres on AMAZON FIRE TV?

  1. Go to Main Menu on your Fire TV to search for the AMC program.
  2. Search for this program.
  3. Select download and then install it.
  4. Following the setup, launch the program.
  5. Note down the activation code.
  6. Visit activate using a smartphone or pc.
  7. Input the AMC activation code.
  8. Log in with your TV supplier.
  9. Complete the Sign In options.

How to Activate AMC Premium Subscription?

  1. Log into on your own Roku device and click on Start Free Trial.
  2. Select TV supplier and log in with your TV provider credentials.
  3. Make the required payments and complete your subscription by following the onscreen directions.
  4. Your AMC has been updated to AMC premium.

Bottom line:

On the web link, you need to enter the AMC channel Activation code to the activation procedure. Prior to all this one need to have access to the AMC channel via individual channel accounts or TV provider accounts to continue with the activation process.

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