Reasons Why TOR Browser Is Not Working In Android

Reasons Why TOR Browser Is Not Working In Android

Are you facing issues running the TOR browser on your android phone? There are several issues that your Android can face while using TOR Browser. This article will help you to find out the reasons why TOR browser is not working in android.

1. TOR Browser Crashes

You might face TOR Browser crashes, and it is very common to get a crashed page. However, there are no issues with programming.

Tor Browser works better with the right combination of operating systems. In Android, you might face some issues, whereas the IOS platform can run TOR Browser smoothly.

If nothing else seemed to have worked, then you have no other option; you can simply reinstall the TOR browser; this will clean all the junk files and registry entries, which may cause a bounce back when you reinstall the app., so it becomes very important to remove these issues. 

2. Slow Internet Connection

Slow Internet Connection in tor browser problem

So you might face these issues, and here I am sharing some solutions here.

  • If the TOR Browser is taking time to load, the reason is slow internet. TOR can hinder internet speed by 90%. Try to use mobile data rather than wifi.
  • Android users face problems when opening a website. In that case, it will be best if you restart your phone or tablet, and it will restore all your data.
  • It is very recommended to empty the cache frequently. You can delete data from the play store.

3. System Clock Time Update

It is a common issue that you might face problems with connections. This is because the clock is not corrected. Tor Browser takes a clock system timing to connect, and it can cause chaos sometimes. This problem can be fixed by simply making the proper time zone.

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4. IP Address Issues 

Every time the TOR is used, you get a new IP address that is different from the old one. This can be a problem if no new IP is assigned to you.

But you need to find your current IP address. For that go to to see the currently assigned IP address and click on the magic wand icon in the upper right corner of the address bar.

Here you can see your IP address; now, you can compare it with the old one. Also, if you run into problems, you can run your browser very easily by simply uninstalling TOR Browser.

5. Problems With Log In

If you face problems with logging in, there might be issues with the proxy connection. One other reason is your security check. Many secure websites always try to trace your IP and work in the background to check your browser security.

But in the Tor browser, your IP doesn’t have new data and the system detects it as suspicious IP and blocks you from logging in. These are common with the google V3 Chaptca-enabled website. Here you have to have scored more than 0.5 (probably human).

So, if a website resists you from assessing, you should try to log in with different IP or your chrome browser.

6. Not Frequently Updated

Not Frequently Updated in tor browser

Though the Tor browser is best for surfing the internet anonymously without your traces over the internet. But it comes with a cost. Tor browser developers don’t update it more frequently which makes it harder to open a website with new designs and javascript and language codes. This makes their updates not reliable and efficient with the changing world.

7.  SSL/TLS Handshake

There can be problems with logging in to your TOR browser, and there must be some unusual issues. If you fail to log in to TOR Browser, it might happen that it fails to connect TLS Handshake with authority.

In that case, you need to use need to include the Handshake protocol, the Change Cipher Spec protocol, and the Alert protocol to fix the problems.

8. Tor App is Not Updating

There are two major reasons: 

  1. Maybe the wifi/ or data you are connected to is not working properly and taking more of time. 
  2. Check whether your phone has the appropriate required storage to update the Tor Browser. 

9. Playing Audio/ Video Problem in TOR Browser: 

  1. Make sure, your phone speaker may working. Try to plug the headphones, in and check whether the audio output is there or not. 
  2. Delete the caches from the browser, this might be the cause for trouble.
  3. Make sure your wifi/ internet is working properly. 

Any of these problems can create problems while playing audio/ video on your android. 

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