LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) – How it Works, Types, Advantages


There are many devices in which LCD is used as a display such as mobile phones and televisions. The LCD Liquid Crystal Display is the best option for the display because it provides a much thinner display. LCD is a display and provides a bright picture. In this article, we will discuss what is LCD, its types, Works, Advantages and Disadvantages.

What is the Full Form Of LCD?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.

What is LCD in Computer Graphics?

Liquid Crystal Display is a type of flat panel which is used for the displays in various devices such as computers and televisions. The system of LCD is using liquid crystals to the process of displaying the picture and video.

Millions of the people are using the devices in which Liquid Crystal Display is used and it is commonly found in computers. People use LCD Arduino too. On the other hand, they are commonly used for televisions and computer screens that are known as a monitor.

LCD is also known as Liquid Crystal display and it is used for desktops and laptops. The system is also known as a flat panel display. In the Liquid Crystal display there are primary forms of the liquid crystals. Today, the LCD panel is replaced with LED but a lot of people are still using the devices or displays of LCD. On the other hand, CRT technology is not used in the latest display devices such as television and smartphone.

You don’t have to waste much power when you use the LCD because it reduces the consumption of power. In the CRT technology, the higher power or voltage is used and that is a kind of the issue.

The LCD produces the images and it uses a backlight for the procedure of the display the image.

How LCD Works?

In the working of LCD the display is made of various pixels that show the picture or video on the screen or using extensions in good quality. The quality of the display depends on the number of pixels that are used for the displays. In the LCD there are millions of pixels that increase the quality of the display so that most of the people prefer LCD instead of CRT option.

The procedure of the LCD is not difficult to understand and RGB is used for showing different kinds of colors. There are three subpixels that show the color combination and provide millions of the color types with the picture or video. The technology is used in the LCD projector also.

How LCD Works?

The three subpixels work together and make a different and attractive pixel and it rapidly changes the pictures according to the data. The RGB is a kind of combination of Red, blue and green that starts working together. There are different ways of the controlling system of RGB according to the type of displays.

The CRT, LED and LCD have different methods but their purpose it similar which shows the picture with the color combination. In short, LCD is controlled by the backlight and pixels. The system works electronically and provides the light.

LCD Circuit – LCD Diagram in Computer Graphics

FIG.- LCD Circuit

The polarizing glass filter is also used with LCD and it is used in front and behind of the pixels. When it comes to the first filter, it is used at a 90-degree angle. Both filters are known as liquid crystals that are controlled electronically by a switch on and off method.

The active matrix is known as a TFT display. There is a grid that is using the conductors with various pixels. The current is used for the procedure and it controls two different conductors and provides the light for the pixels. The light is provided according to the type of the color of pixels.


Now, let’s talk about the active matrix. Well, it has a transistor that is used for every pixel intersection.

Active matrix

It requires less energy that is a good thing and controls the luminance of the pixels.  It is providing the more frequent switch on and switch off for the display. So, it improves the screen refreshing procedure and time. So, we have talked about the working of Liquid Crystal Display in Computer Graphics in the provided information.

What Are the Functions of LCD?

The LCD is used for different types of devices in which display is used. The Liquid Crystal is mainly used for producing the image that is visible. The Liquid Crystal Display in Computer Graphics has the super thing option of the display screen. Mainly, it is found in computers and laptops.

On the other hand, you can see in the cell phones and providing the visible picture. It provides the viewing angles and better brightness level with the contrast ratios.

What are the Different Types of LCD?

There are different types of Liquid Crystal Display LCDs that are given below:

What are the Different Types of LCD?

Twisted Nematic

It is a kind of LCD and provides a high response to the procedure of the display. There are low contrast ratios that are a kind of quality and used in the view of angles and colors. The color is controlled with the contrasts and you can watch real colors in the LCD display devices and enjoy the picture or video.

In Panel Switching Displays

It is also known as IPS panels that are used for controlling the contrast level and provides a much better facility. The system works with much better contrast ratios. It views the color contrast and angles as TN views.

What are the Different Types of LCD?

Vertical Alignment Panels

These kinds of panels are known as VA Panels and there is a medium quality that is used. The medium quality is used for the IPS display. On the other hand, it is also used with the TN.

Advanced Fringe Field Switching

The option is a top performer in the displays because it provides good color productions. The color production comes more smoothly and it is better than IPS displays.

These are the LCD Types.

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What are LCD monitors used for?

  • The LCD monitor is a liquid crystal display and commonly used in the monitors. The display is used for providing clear images that use pixels. It is found in the flat panel computers and laptops.
  • A lot of people are using the liquid crystal display because it is best for viewing different color combinations.
  • The color combination makes the picture quality better so LCDs are used in businesses. On the other hand, you can see them on the televisions and monitors or laptops.

Advantages and Disadvantages of LCD Monitors

Advantages of Liquid Crystal Display LCD

  • The main benefit of Liquid Crystal Display is that it consumes a very low amount of energy or power. It does not have a high cost even you can easily afford the types of LCD Liquid Crystal Display.
  • The Liquid Crystal Display is providing the best contrast that shows the picture more clearly. Most of the people use LCD because it is thinner and lighter.
  • You will see the bright images on the devices. You can see Liquid Crystal Display on the flat screens such as monitors and laptops.

Disadvantages of LCDs

  • The color of the contrast creates problems in viewing the angles because of the inconsistency. The motion blur is a kind of problem that is seen in the LCD Liquid Crystal Display.
  • Sometimes the problem comes in the LCD circuit also so most people dislike it.
  • In the dark, you get problems in viewing the pictures because of the to brighten backlighting and it is a common problem of LCDs.
  • The pixel display can also create a problem and it may be stuck. So, you may feel the same problem with the Liquid Crystal Display.


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General FAQs

Which is better LCD or LED?

We are going to talk about LCD vs LED and you need to know the difference between both of the options. The individuals like to use LED because it uses less power and provides extra brightness. The LED is used for different devices with the thinner panel.
On the other hand, Liquid Crystal Display consumes extra power but is also commonly used. That is why, today, most of the people like to use LED options.

What are LCD monitors used for?

The Liquid Crystal Display monitor is used for the computer and it provides a clear picture with the help of the subpixels. The Liquid Crystal Display price is not high and it affordable and commonly found at most of the places.