Lag Switch: How Gamers Cheat With It? How to Make one?

Lag Switch: How Gamers Cheat With It?

You’re a good gamer and you constantly get defeated by your opponent in online games like Clash of Clans, Standoff Multiplayer for PC, or Adventure Quest 3D. Here are two possibilities, one is your opponent has very pro expertise over you, and the other is, he/ she is using a lag switch.

Yes, you heard it right, with proper use of the lag switch your opponents always have an advantage over you, as they can rephrase the gameplay to some extent. 

Wonder! How is this possible? Be patience! we get you there. But before jumping directly on how your opponent cheats on an online game, let’s first know what is a lag switch.

What is a Lag Switch in Gaming?

What is a Lag Switch?

A lag switch is a piece of equipment that has the ability to block the internet flow to the gaming console for a set period of time.

Doing so, it gives the lag switcher an upper hand in the game which could be the reason why you are constantly getting defeated by the same opponents.

In short, you can say that a lag switch is just like the “cheat code” that gives an advantage over the gameplay. But here, the lag switch abruptly causes the online gameplay to look like a network error but the person is still playing it offline.

Moreover, this hardware lag switch is installed in between the home server and your gaming console which acts as a switch to turn off and turn on the stream of data to the gaming console. 

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How does Lag Switch Work?

How does Lag Switch Work?

Hardware or Pc lag switch installed in the middle of the gaming console and your home network. Once the lag switch is activated (usually by toggling the button manually), it fully blocks the internet connection to the gaming console.

It gives a false belief to an online game that the user is offline which freezes the user’s presence on the screen of other online players. But the user still plays the game offline. Meanwhile, the game continuously tries to connect to that user in a hope that the internet connection is going to get back soon. 

After a few seconds, once the toggle switch is ‘OFF’ or the timer expires, the internet connection starts feeding data into the gaming console. At this time, the user’s offline progress starts synchronizing with the online game.

In the offline play, the unethical gamer reached out to the opponents and give them a surprise. This eventually causes fatal damage to their opponent’s gameplay strategies.

Types of Lag Switch

There are a total of three types of Lag Switches. Honestly speaking, these are basically the way of interrupting the internet connection to your gaming device. These are listed as:

A. Hardware Lag Switch

These are made by adding a physical on-off switch in the middle of an ethernet cable. They are manually toggled to activate and deactivate the internet. 

These types of switches are quite very popular and people love to make them. There are a lot of youtube videos for making a hardware lag switch but later in this post, I guide you to make a lag switch in a very simple way. 

B. Physically Disconnecting to Network

In this way, the user manually strangulates their home network by manually removing the ethernet cable from the console or by disconnecting other networks such as Wi-Fi.

Therefore, it works like a lag switch but here the gamer needs some extra effort while reaching the cable and unplugging and replugging (after a few seconds). However, the key point is, that it works. 

C. Software Lag Switching

There is various software that bombards your local network high enough that it consumes all of your bandwidth and little-to-no bandwidth is available to the online game to continually stream the user’s progress. 

There are various software that are available in the market that does the lagging stuff with ease. These softwares usually have a timer switch that automatically connects the network once the time is up. 

One mostly used software for this purpose is “Software Lag Switch”

How to Make a Hardware Lag Switch?

How to Make a Hardware Lag Switch?

In this section, we give you a step-by-step guide on how unethical gamers make a hardware lag switch. 

Material Required:

  • Ethernet Cable
  • Switch, any toggle kind
  • Soldering Iron (optional)
  • Some Extra wires

How to Make a Pc Lag Switch?

This is the step by step guide for making a lagging switch:

Find the Orange Wire

Cut the cover of the ethernet cable and find the orange wire. While doing cutting, be sure you didn’t cut any other cables. You just have to peel off the protective layer of the cable without damaging any other cable. And please, be careful. 

Cut the Orange Wire

Leaving all other wires, just cut the orange wire and also remove the protective plastic layer of it.

Adding the Switch

Use the extra wire to join one end of the orange peeled wire to the one end of the switch. Similarly, conjoined the other end of the orange wire to the other end of the switch using the extra wiring.

You can use a soldering iron to make the joints permanent. You can also gently squeeze the wiring to get an active connection.

Plug the Modified Ethernet Cable

Now, only one thing is left i.e. plug both ends of the ethernet header cable to their respective ends— one to your gaming console and the other to your home network.

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How to know Someone Using a Pc Lag Switch?

It is hard to interpret whether a user truly gets an internet disconnection or he/she is using a lag switch. But if you observe the gameplay closely you may find it.

These are some of the pointers that may help you in getting your opponent. 

Game Being Laggy

This may sound obvious, but a good way to know is to observe when the games being laggy, is it when your opponents come closer to you? If that happens, there is a higher chance your opponent is using lag switches, especially when it happens repeatedly.

Starts Teleporting Everywhere

When your opponent gets disconnected and then reconnected, the game re-synchronizing which makes you start teleporting, not the host’s gamer. 

However, if you stop teleporting and are still in the game, someone has a lag switch. Many gamers also encountered that they snap ahead about 10 to 30 feet. 

A main key difference between a normal lag and lag switch lagging is, in normal lagging, if you run for a few seconds then you will snap back to where you were while in the lagging switch, you are ahead of 10 to 20 feet from the place where you were. 

Opponent Know Your Moves

When you shoot or surprise your opponent, they know what your move is and they eventually jump around on the screen when you shoot. This also makes them an upper hand over your strategies which then surprise you. 

In short, if you’re running around and the game starts lagging and you instantly meet death, there is a higher chance that one of the players is using a lagging switch.

My Opinion on Lag Switches

The truth is lag switch is the lag witches. I think I get harsh on it but that’s what a hardcore gamer things when he/she feels cheated.

This is not the way to play a game. Some of you may think, I just put a way to make a lag switch but this is just for education purposes. 

As a true gamer, you should always play a fair game, because this is who you are. Cheating doesn’t make anyone superior to others. You may win the game but inside you know how you get the game.

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