Should I Buy 22” or 24” Full HD Monitors? A Detailed Guide

Should I Buy 22” or 24” Full HD Monitors

As immersive experience is the ultimate goal for almost every desktop user, buying the 24” Full HD Monitor would be an apt choice. Our thorough research concludes that a bigger screen gives viable satisfaction to users while consuming it for media, work, or games. But Is a 24″ Full HD Monitor is always good for all users? What about 22″ Monitors?

However, you would want to dive through the other associated aspects as the answer changes with usage patterns.

What is the Size Difference Between 22″ and 24″ FHD Monitors?

Size Difference Between 22 and 24 FHD Monitors

The two-inch difference between these monitors should not be confused with the vertical or horizontal difference in length.

Precisely, it is the diagonal difference of two inches across the screen of a monitor. This diagonal variation in the size generally develops around 1-inch vertical and 1.5-inch horizontal length variance.

However, the variance depends on the predefined sizes of the brand and model, where the aspect ratio and width to height ratio differ.

Hence, determining the brand & model of the concerned monitors will make you aware of the size difference between them.

How Cost Differentiates Between the 22” and 24” Full-HD Monitors?

The table provides an approximate notion of the current cost differences for 22” and 24” monitors with Full HD Resolution.

Brands22” Full HD Monitor approx. Price (INR)24” Full HD Monitor approx. Price (INR)
Sony (Bravia)$170$190

These costs mentioned above are an approximation of the current prices. These prices vary with the number of features and technologies embedded in a single unit.

Hence, you should take the idea from the given table and confirm the real-time prices by checking the official sites along with reliable shopping websites such as

From the table, I can be concluded that the difference is not much but around $20. If you’re looking for a monitor that is bigger than that cost is not much higher. I would suggest you go with the 24″ model.

22” Vs 24” Full HD monitors? Which one Produces Great Color?

22” Vs 24” Full HD monitors Which one Produces Great Color

There are two factors affecting this aspect to ascertain the superiority in the terms of color reproduction.

First is definitely the RGB (Red-Green-Blue) color gamut, whose efficient production capability produces accurate colors on the digital screen (monitor). The second factor is the resolution combined with the size.

As the resolution is the same here – Full HD, it points out that the smaller the screen size (22”) of the monitor, the more pixels per inch. Thus, the screen with 22” will have more crispiness, being an accessory to better color production and vibrance.

Tip: Sometimes, your monitor has the required capabilites, but users do not use to get a more accurate color reproduction. In other words, the contrast intensity and brightness level might be less or more as per your preference of picture perception. Hence, one can always tweak the contrast and brightness settings to obtain the optimum watching experience.

22” Vs 24” Full HD Monitor, Which is Good for Eyes?

22” Vs 24” Full HD Monitor, Which is Good for Eyes

If you are more into seeking the details out of the monitor, a crisper alternative should be your unequivocal choice. The crisp and clear content on the monitor screen would cause less strain on the eyes.

Discerning the quality is immensely subjected to the relationship between resolution and screen size. The crispness of the monitor screen will increase if the pixels per inch (PPI) will increase.

Both screens have identical 1920*1080 pixels, resulting in a decrease in PPI with an increase in screen size. Hence, the 22” would be crisper than the 24” monitor with the given resolution.

If you are more into office work and casual workspace, more pixels per inch will ease the reading of documents having complex texts. In addition, the gamers would enjoy those details in the online FPS games. If you are close to your screen for longer durations, 22” with Full HD is better than a 24” Full HD monitor.

On the contrary, people who utilize their monitors for media consumption and casual use will not notice any difference. Consuming the media with eight or more feet would nullify the crisp difference between these sizes.

22″ or 24″ FHD, Which is the Best Screen Size for Programmers and Bloggers? And why?

22 or 24 FHD, Which is the Best Screen Size for Programmers and Bloggers

Programmers require a screen to type the text in their respective software for developing applications or websites.

Likewise, bloggers need to express their minds by typing on their blogging spaces or online software tools. Both the programmer and blogger will require a monitor that features top-class clarity to discern the details and texts on the screen.

This clarity is determined by the pixels available per inch of the screen, which would be better in a 22” monitor. The total pixels (1920*1080) are the same in both monitors with Full HD resolution, just a difference in their screen size. 

However, many would prefer the bigger screen size, owing to having that extra 2-inch space for working. These people might think that having extra 2 inches (diagonally) will be beneficial, but it would not be noticeable as such.

Moreover, you will trade on the crispiness of the screen by going for a larger screen size with equivalent resolution. To conclude, the 22-inch screen monitor will display more crisp content on the screen along with the texts, a notable positive.

Best Screen Size for Graphic Designers out of 22” and 24” Monitors? And Why?

Best Screen Size for Graphic Designers out of 22” and 24” Monitors

The screen size matters when it comes to Graphic Designers who work in the domain where images and graphics production is the fundamental task.

More precisely, screen size matters in this field as they have to manage complex artworks with numerous details. These designers have to switch between various software and windows because of their multitasking requirements. The graphic design work even includes enormous detailing with lots of constant tweaking.

Hence, the need for a bigger-sized monitor helps them considerably by covering the larger on-screen area during the ongoing projects. The 24-inch Full HD monitor would be the best-suited choice for them in every conceivable aspect.

22″ or 24″FHD Monitor, Which is Best Screen Size for Video Editing? And Why?

22 or 24FHD Monitor, Which is Best Screen Size for Video Editing

The video editing stations constitute the editing variety of videos on myriads of editing-specific software.

These editing applications or software come with a complex user interface with numerous options for editing the project. To accommodate all these features of the editing application onto one screen, the monitor needs to be big enough.

Plus, the bigger screen size helps the editors to differentiate and identify the features, increasing the overall efficiency. Hence, the users who are in the video editing field should plump for the monitors with bigger screens to support their needs.

Therefore, a video editor should pick the 24” Full HD monitor from the given choices to embrace that comfortable viewing area accommodating all the essential features.

Which Monitor should I Choose 22″ or 24″ FHD, if only I want them for Browsing and Watching Content?

Which Monitor should I Choose 22 or 24 FHD, if only I want them for Browsing and Watching Content

Many users are solely interested in the activities, including browsing and watching the media content on their monitor.

Browsing the internet for doing some research or regular work would require a larger area to fit those multiple windows and various software. The browsing need is more inclined towards the bigger-sized monitors than the crisper ones.

Likewise, the larger screen size makes more sense for the users who purchase the monitor for media consumption and entertainment. We will surely recommend the large screens as the experience becomes much more immersive in contrast to smaller ones (so 24″ FHD is better than a 22″ FHD monitor). The user can enjoy a wider display of movies, online videos, and TV series appearing more realistic.

Logically many would argue that larger screens are always better for their area, and it is when the resolution increases with respect to size. Only increasing the size of the monitor and not resolution would deliver a pixelated experience of disappointment.

Best Screen Size for Gamers, 22″ or 24″ FHD Monitors? And Why?

Best Screen Size for Gamers, 22 or 24 FHD Monitors

For gaming, you would require a monitor that fulfills the below requirements.

  • The larger screen appears to be perfect but will make you slow while catching sight of the in-game enemy. For instance, the F-P-S (First Person Shooter) games require a quick change of sight and overall look on the monitor. It means the monitors of sizes more than 27” might throw a disadvantage for the fast reactions.
  • Gaming requires top-notch color reproduction and superior quality vibrance to make the entire experience worth it.
  • You sit nearer to the screen, which makes the pixels easily identifiable, calling for the need for high pixel density or PPI.

On comparing the 22” and 24” Full HD monitors based on the above factors, the 22” inches monitor makes more sense. It would deliver vibrant colors with higher pixel density to make the gaming experience more accurate.

The smaller screen size provides better vision as you would be sitting near the monitor while gaming. In addition, the effective increase of monitor screen size is not noticeable as it is only 2 inches diagonally.

Choosing 22” Vs 24” based on Desk Size

The choice of purchasing any Monitor also depends on the size of the desk you will be using for your entire setup. Evidently, you should go for the 22” monitor if the desk is smaller than 50 inches in width.

It would easily accommodate all the additional accessories along with the monitor. However, if the desk at your home is more than 50 inches wider, go for the 24” Monitor. The length/depth of the desk equal to or more than 25 inches would be adequate for both monitor sizes.

You should choose the monitor by putting in a lot of thought to eliminate any probable future complications.

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