Reasons Why is Wonderboom Not Charging With Solution

Reasons Why is Wonderboom Not Charging With Solution

We have listed all the reasons with solutions that can help you to find out why your Wonderboom is not charging.

1. Update Software

Generally, it is found that Wonderboom may have trouble charging due to software bugs that are found to compromise the charging abilities. To overcome this problem, the installation of the updated software is needed for the proper running of the device.  

Solution: You need to, first of all, reset the speaker and just observe whether charging gets started or not.

In the case of the Wonderboom portable speaker, resetting gets started by just holding down the volume button or Bluetooth button for at least five minutes.

To reset the charge, it is important to hold the volume up button and click on the pause button till the time the power button starts to glow.

2. Replacing Battery

Batteries of any electronic device lower their performance with time. It is found to be similar to lithium-ion batteries that are generally integrated with any Bluetooth speaker for better working and the long run. The restricted functionality charger is left with no other solution than the replacement of worn-out batteries. 

Solution: Replacement of batteries is found to be a far better and even inexpensive option. For replacing the batteries, you need to first turn off the device and put it upside down means the bottom facing upward.

Later remove the anti-slip mat and start unscrewing with the use of the iron rod that can be heated for the removal of screws. Now check that everything is in position and if there is a problem then fix it with the use of double tape.

Place a new battery at its position in the motherboard and put back the cover of the speaker, screw it and attach the anti-slip mat. 

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3. Try New USB Cable

In case when charging cable is faulty, then the Wonderboom stop getting charged. Before, unscrewing the device, it is important to check out the cabling issue. 

Solution: To find out if the charging is interrupted due to a faulty cable, you need to make use of the Smartphone charging cable first. If charging gets started then the Bluetooth device is the major problem.

If it does not start charging then you need to proceed with the replacement. You can even check the connector plating that can be worn out. But, if there is any chipping then it is assumed that the cable is no longer useful. 

4. Broken USB Socket Point

If you find that the USB charging socket is loosened then it means that the soldered joint is broken or cracked. This problem can only be fixed by soldering the socket back to its position. 

Solution: first of all remove the hidden screw, anti-slip mat, plugs, and another sound grill to verify the damaged solder joints. If your speaker is waterproof then you need to be careful while handling the seal. But in the case of the Wonderboom Bluetooth device, there is no waterproof seal so damage can be detected easily.

After detecting the damaged solder, fix it with the help of soldering iron. But before running the operation, it is needed to thoroughly check the tip of the soldering iron and even make use of fresh solder. Complete the soldering process of negative and positive terminals and conduct a trial before finishing. 

5. A look at Charging Port

An entirely damaged charging port becomes the next reason for not charging the Wonderboom device. It is found that the charging port can easily be damaged due to the entry of debris and forceful removal of the USB port. Debris generally obstructs the fitting of the cable into the USB port as it should be. 

Solution: You should try out the thin needle to remove all of the debris from the USB port. But in the case of bent connector pins that are caused due to forceful USB port removal, there is no way to overcome the problem than to replace the port with the new purchase.

If water has entered the port then it is solved with the use of a hairdryer that can remove moisture. 

Howsoever, replacement of the charging port is not an easy task until you discover the right tool and the right step to be followed. 

6. Too old to Live

Your Wonderboom can either last longer or in a few cases can stop getting charged and working well before time. Bluetooth speakers are found to have an estimated lifespan that entirely depends upon the maintenance of the device

Solution: Generally, it is found to have a lifespan of approx 5 years. One can start facing a problem if the device suddenly collapses. Then the problem can be only solved by replacing the device.

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