Data Manipulation: Why do we need it? Benefits & Advantage

data manipulation

Data manipulation is a tool which is used to organize the available data so that it would become easy to understand and become more apparent.

In this Article, we are going to talk about Data Manipulation meaning, it’s types and Advantages of Manipulation Data.

What is Data Manipulation: Why do we need it?

For quicker access of data: When the data is in the organized form it becomes easy to draw out the required information. It would become really difficult if we will try to extract the particular information from all the data available in the various source so it is obvious to manipulate data it in brief for quicker access.

To Avoid Unnecessary Information

Data manipulation helps to ignore useless information available in data. Once we use this tool we will get more close to our only required results rather than wasting time by surfing unnecessary information.

Add More Productivity to the Data

It provides clear insight for the users and helps them to access various information in a short span and hence enhances the productivity using remote desktop of the work done.

Helps to know the Trend

It helps to access various information in a very precise way thus it can be used for analysis and to predict the particular trend, especially in finances, institutional results, gold prices, the performance of a team etc.and thus helps to take the better decision accordingly.

Importance of Data Manipulation Process

Data manipulation process

The Data Manipulation and analysis is shown in this section.

Certain steps are there to be followed for the same:

  1. To set about, a database is required from the available data sources.
  2. Use data manipulation tools for rearrangement and other required editings.
  3. Now create the database to work on.
  4. Then analyse the data for the making decisions and use it for required insights.

Software Required for Data Manipulation

By now there is various software available for manipulation of data, namely:

Among them, Microsoft Excel is widely used for this purpose.

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Disadvantages of Data Manipulation:

With great head it comes with certain disadvantages as well:

  • It prevents us to get through small details.
  • Only useful for the overall analysis of data.
  • There is a high chance to miss out certain important data while analysing them in bulk.


Data manipulation is the way to extracting and filtering out the data to make it easy to understand and to get more productivity over a certain time.

It helps to access quicker information from the given set of data and also helps to cop up with useless data available then the whole database by avoiding them via this tool. It even helps make better decisions in finances and other departments as it helps to know the trend more properly in less time. It can be executed by various software and app available on IT platforms.

But somewhere it also comes with few disadvantages as it prevents to access each data sharply and thus avoid us to go through those small details.

Its use is more aligned to the bulky data rather than the one available the unit.

General FAQs

What is Manipulation of Data?

In the majority of cases, data manipulation is the process of taking data and applying logic or computations to it in order to get a different collection of data than the original.

How do I undo a delete in SQL?

Deleted rows can be recovered with the help of their time of deletion is known. A Log sequence number is an identifier given to recover old data in present.

What are Data Manipulation Statements?

We use statements like add, change, or delete are known as data manipulation statements, which are the part of DML language.

Why is data manipulation important?

It is the most important part of business operations and optimization. Usually it involves in the properly use of data and transform it into useful documents.

What is Data Manipulation Attack?

The aim of data manipulation attack is to trigger internal and external effects. Moreover, it is generally targeted by professional hackers who try to make money through illegal way.