How To Fix Mouse Double Clicks Problems? 5 Common Reason & Fixes

How To Fix Mouse Double Clicks Problems

Without mouse double clicks, you can’t do the majority of stuff like opening folders or files in a computer system. They are crucial to perform normal work on a system. So, it is clear that without mouse double clicks, you won’t work effectively on a computer system unless you are using trackpads.

So, what is the common problem related to the mouse double clicks? There are a lot of reasons behind why won’t your mouse double click works. But let’s first take a short overview of what the mouse double clicks mean?

What are the Mouse Double Clicks?

Like a keyboard, a mouse also contains buttons in the form of mechanical switches which are also called to push buttons. In general, a mouse has two buttons distanced by a scroll wheel.

Both the mechanical buttons when pushed, it closes the electric circuit by making a closed-loop which signals the computer that a mouse button was pressed. Similarly, when a mouse key is pressed twice, it is called a double click.

Double-clicking only defines a phenomenon where a mouse key is pressed twice, irrespective of pressing right or left mouse key. However, generally, double-clicking is pressing the left mouse key twice with respect to the writer’s original hand i.e. for right-handed writer, it would be pressing left mouse key or vice versa.

Now, let’s get back to fixing the mouse double clicks problem.

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Common Reason and Fixes for Mouse Double Clicks Problem

Common Reason and Fixes for Mouse Double Clicks Problem

These are some of the common reasons why your mouse double clicks won’t working.

Reason 1: Due to Low Double Click Speed

Due to Low Double Click speed

The number one reason and the most common reason why the double-clicks won’t work is the delayed timing, which is usually configured by the users. So, if double click speed is too fast, it eventually misses the secondary click. But this is how you can rid of this problem by yourself.

Adjusting the Mouse Double clicks speed in Windows System (Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, 8.1, and 10)

  • First, click on the start button (if lower than windows 8), or click the “Cortana” button for the search tab.
  • Click on “control panel” (if lower than windows 8), or search and click “control panel”.
  • Hover to the “Hardware and Sound” tab.
  • In the “Device and printer” section, click on the “Mouse” button.
  • In the mouse properties tab, click on the button tab.
  • With the name of the double click tab, you can get the option to adjust your mouse double clicks speed.

Adjusting the Mouse Double clicks speed in mac-OS

  • First hover to the “Application “button or “Apple Menu”.
  • In the new tab, go to the system preferences.
  • Click on “Keyboard and Mouse”.
  • Now at last select mouse tab, and here you can adjust your mouse double clicks speed.

Reason 2: Corrupt System Files

In the Windows operating system, the most irritating and frustrating computing issues arise if system files become corrupt which definitely leads to various problems with hardware and software functionality. 

So, if you know that the day your problem started happening with the mouse, then you can try activating a restore point to move Windows back to a date before the problem occurs. Doing this can fix corrupt system files and give proper functionality to your mouse.

Moreover, whether or not a mouse single or double click is affected by corrupt Windows system files, you should perform it to remove any other glitches.

Reason 3: Wireless Signal Not Reaching

Bluetooth wireless not reaching

If you are using a wireless mouse, it may due to poor wireless signals. The problem of double-clicking in a wireless mouse can be seen due to signal interference. Usually, a faulty USB or PS / 2 port, or a bad IR wireless receiver possibly causes a mouse malfunction.

When the wireless signal is interrupted, it may cause the computer to receive the altered signal. In essence, double-click issues arise by misinterpreting the signals from the mouse to the wireless receiver. These are some common types of interference:

  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) from the computer speakers.
  • Electrical interference from a computer monitor.
  • Radiofrequency interference (RFI) from a wireless network router or cordless phone. 

To avoid electronic interference, all you need to keep your mouse’s wireless receiver away from the monitor and speakers.

And to avoid or minimize radio frequency interference, ensure that the wireless receiver of the mouse is not directly inline between the computer and the wireless router. If there is a cordless phone, move it several feet or more away from the computer.

Dirt Mouse Buttons

When dirt and dust stick around the mouse button, it can cause problems with clicking action or you may face a double click problem with these sticky mouse buttons.

Due to this sticky mouse button, you click only once, but the result comes in a double-click action, or sometimes, it fails to registered one click. However, this amount of dirt or dust trapped between and around the mouse button affects the whole mechanism action.

To fix this problem you can use spilled liquid or compressed air. However, compressed air is a better option for removing dust or dirt from around and under the mouse button. In addition, you can also use spilled liquid, but it is harder to use because of its fluid form that can make the mouse button sticky, resulting in accidental double-click actions.

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Loosen Spring or Faulty Mouse Buttons

Loosen spring key or faulty mouse button arise the problem related to double click. Due to its loosen connections, defective circuit board, or tension spring inside, the mouse doesn’t work well. Because of this, the computer receives an incorrect or faulty signal.

In addition, a malfunctioning mouse is another possible cause related to a mouse double clicks problem. You can face an incorrect identification of a single click as double-clicking action.

So, there’s only one proper solution to fix your mouse issues is to purchase a new mouse. For whatever reason, mostly, the mouse is irreparable. 

General FAQ

How do I fix mouse ghosting?

Ans. To fix the problem of mouse ghosting, firstly you have to disable the “Display pointer trails” by going to the Control Panel / View By Large icons / Mouse/ Pointer Options / uncheck the Display pointer trails, and then restart the computer, if necessary.

How do I change my mouse click?

Ans. Firstly open the “control panel” and go to the “hardware and sound” category. Then click on the mouse properties. It will generate a new properties window, then select the pointer tab option and hold the slider while moving the mouse to adjust its speed.

Why is the mouse double clicking?

Ans. There are many reasons why mouse double-clicking. But the foremost reason for mouse double-clicking is the double-click speed setting of the mouse. If the speed of the mouse is set very low and you click the mouse button once, and you click it again shortly, the mouse may interpret that as a double-click instead.

How do you fix an invisible cursor?

Ans. To fix the problem of an invisible cursor, you have to press and hold the key “Ctrl +Alt + Delete” on your keyboard. Now press the “Escape” button which is at the top left side on the keyboard to get back to the normal Windows screen. After applying the steps above, once again your main cursor should be available for your use.